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 Owner, Felisha Hennessey
I've been a fitness instructor and business owner for over 5 years. I'm the lead cryo tech here at Haven and helping women feel confident in their own skin is a passion of mine! 
You'll find me hangin' at Haven more often than not as this is where my second family is and where all the magic happens! Don't worry if you see my three littles hanging around as well, they're learning the business ropes early...#workingmomlife 
Drop on in and say hi to the crew!
The Crew...
These are the babes that make up our terrific staff fam! From left to right, Kate Hein (RN and mama), Nicole Fannin (mama of 3, part-time homeschooler, health nut), Myself (mama of 3, lover of wellness, part-time homeschooler), and Anna McIntire ( mama of 2, firewife, and lover of books!).
We promise to make you feel right at home when you come in, babe!