What is a Cryoskin Event?

What is a Cryoskin Event?

A Cryoskin event is a social gathering hosted by your Cryo Babes where you will be surrounded by women like yourself... women who are interested in hearing how Cryoskin can improve their shape and skin. 
With over 300 treatments under our belts, we have plenty of results to show you! 
While we walk the guests through expectations and answer questions, you can browse any of our photo books to see clients just like you!

Will I see an actual Cryoskin Treatment?

Of course! And nothing beats being able to watch a real client go through a treatment while you ask them questions about temperature and pain (p.s. there isn't any pain, true story!). 

Can I get a consult at a Cryoskin event?

O my gosh, yes! We are happy to give one-on-one consultations during an event in the comforts of our private treatment room. After matching you with one of our Cryo Babes, we'll go over your area of concern, go over goals and expectations together and provide you a treatment plan to get you your desired results!

How do I find out about the next Cryoskin event?

So happy you asked! We host them every 10 weeks and you can be notified of the next one by clicking here. We so look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your goals! 

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