Running is NOT Your Only Cardio Option!

You hear it all the time, "add cardio to your workout routine"....but what if you're just not a runner and you have zero desire to ever be one???? 

1. If you DO want to be a runner, we have lots of gals at Haven who would love to be your running buddy. Come to a class and meet them!

2. Running is most definitely NOT your only cardio option, babe!

Let me explain...You can spend 30 minutes doing a mild jog and burn roughly 300 calories (calories burned totally depends on your own body and exertion so it's a "roughly", here.) OR you can spend 30 minutes doing a HIIT workout and burn roughly the same! 

BONUS POINTS....the HIIT workout will continue to burn more calories ALL DAY LONG than that 30 minute jog, my friend.  

Not a HIIT fan? Too intense? No worries, DANCE CARDIO is here for you! While your typical dancing will only burn roughly 200 calories in 30 minutes, the fabulously fun Mix class at Haven Co. Fitness will burn about 300-400 in the same time because we structure our songs and choreography to flow HIIT style!

Now you know that you have options, how will you get your cardio in this week?

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