Breakfast Quesadillas For The Kids!

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I look forward to it every morning...naturally, so do my kids!

One of our faves are quesadillas! We make them a few different ways but this one is my go-to because it easily freezes and pops right into the toaster (Hello easy mornings when we're rushing out the door!).

With just four easy ingredients, yep, just four, it whips up super quick!

Easy kid breakfast that is healthy and created by a busy mom with three kids. Haven Co. Riverside recipes

I don't scramble my eggs with milk (we don't drink it, so we never have it handy anyway), so that's just one less ingredient and step!

Easy kid breakfast created by a busy mom of three to give you a healthy breakfast option for those littles. Haven Co. Riverside recipes

The finished product!

Eat it right away or freeze it (wax paper and a ziplock bag) and pop it in the toaster on a busy morning. Either way, it's yummy! My oldest daughter (she's 8 if you don't know us) and I like these with our favorite green salsa!

Be sure to share your breakfast quesadilla with us using #HavenCoFood for a chance to be featured...and also..we just like seeing other people enjoy healthy foods.

Easy kid friendly recipes that are healthy and created by a busy mom of three. Haven Co. Riverside recipes


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