Apple Cookies! Yummmm!

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These babes are always looking for a sweet treat and I'm always looking for a healthier alternative! 

When they get a craving for sugar this is what I whip up: 

Apple Cookies

Zero baking involved and it might just be your new fave, too, mama!
-Slice an apple or two
-Spread some PB on each slice 
-Let the kids sprinkle some dark chocolate chips all over

That's it, I told you it was easy! 

Haven Co. Riverside food blog features simple and easy recipes for the entire family to enjoy. Truvani protein, kids recipes, kids cooking, cookbooks, healthy , mommy and me

I even pack this in their lunch box, eat it when I'm craving sweets, and everyone just flippin' loves apples & PB #amiright ??? It's a win! 
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