30 Days at Haven Co.

30 days doesn't sound like much, right? O but my darling, you can accomplish so much in that short time! 

What if you followed a meal plan that didn't restrict what you ate but taught you how to balance what you're putting on your plate? What if you came to a fabulously fun fitness class 4 days each week? What if you focused on nurturing your body AND your mind? 

Just imagine how great you'd feel after 30 days of self-care! This is what we do at Haven Co. Fitness...we help you carve out time to nurture YOU, we make your fitness fun so that you actually WANT to show up, we encourage you and guide you when you need it.

Join the Haven babe movement and see what I'm talking about! 

Our group classes and one on one training are done in the beautiful city of Riverside but you can get online access as well! Our meal plan and online workouts start as low as $39!

Email info@havencofitness.com to get started on your journey to health.

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